Be Alert to Scam E-mails…

In the run up to Christmas Trading Standards have been made aware of a chain e-mail currently being circulated on the Internet concerning an alleged postal scam.  The e-mail advises of a scam whereby a card is posted through your letter box from a company called PDS (Parcel Delivery Service).  They claim that they were unable to deliver a parcel and that you should now contact them on 0906 661 1911 to secure delivery.

Recipients are advised not to call this number as it is a mail scam originating from Belize and that if you do call the number and start to hear a recorded message you will already have been billed £315 for the phone call.

This e-mail is a hoax and the information contained within it is not true.  The telephone number 0906 661 1911 is no longer operating, having been shut down in December 2005.

Anyone receiving such an e-mail is advised not to forward it on to anyone else.  Instead refer to the following link and the advice contained within it:

For further information please contact Trading Standards via the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 08454 040506.

Margaret Hodgson (Cumbria County Council)