Threlkeld Footway Lighting

Electricity North West Ltd has, on safety grounds, introduced a policy whereby all third party equipment attached to their poles such as footway lighting, be progressively removed.  In Threlkeld the footway lighting is provided and maintained by Eden District Council and this decision has prompted EDC to review its policy with regard to footway lighting. EDC is now consulting with Parish Councils about the new policy it has adopted.

The new EDC policy provides that EDC will only continue to maintain existing Footway Lighting which meets all of a total of six specific criteria including:

“The light must light a footway that is a way on foot adjacent to the carriageway on an adopted highway” and “The footway being lit must link the community to an amenity or facility for public use (such as shop, school) in a settlement”.

According to the EDC appraisal of Threlkeld’s 22 lights, only 3 meet all the criteria required for EDC to continue with their maintenance.  If this situation remains as above, the result would be that Threlkeld will ultimately have only 3 lights provided and maintained by EDC, 2 at Town Cross and 1 at Ghyll Bank.

The Parish Council is now urgently formulating a response to the EDC consultation putting the strongest possible case for the retention of its footway lighting. This is required before 22nd February.  Villagers are invited by the Parish Council to write to the Chief Executive of Eden DC directly, with a copy to Rory Stewart MP expressing their views about the situation which may result should the village be deprived of Footway Lighting.