Royal Visit - report

The visit to the Village Hall and the Coffee Shop by HRH The Countess of Wessex proved to be a great success.  The weather was kind, HRH arrived by helicopter into the fields by the cricket club and completed the journey to the village hall by car.  She was greeted by the entire, and I mean entire, school and a number of local well wishers.  HRH, looking stunningly attractive, was received by Steven Oldfield (secretary of the Village Hall management) and met and spoke with Barbara Lowesmith (Chair of the TAA and Monitoring Officer for the Hall), Paulo and some of his coffee shop staff, with representatives of the management boards of the Hall and the Coffee Shop and with members of the TAA and TYP committees.  She then spoke with Julie Gibson (creator of the mosaics in the coffee shop), with Sylvia Tuer (who needs no introduction) and with Steph Malik (bookings and marketing).

The Countess then studied and admired the ‘Buy a Brick’ display and was captivated by a riveting description of the Hall’s energy and heating systems, given by Neil Beresford, the plant room caretaker (and V.H. treasurer).

The party moved into the main hall where they were given a display of Circle Dancing by Patsy Hamilton-Wright and her class, followed by meeting with groups of early-day fund raisers/helpers, representatives of the banner ‘ladies’, senior members of the bowls club and finally by a number of leaders of various classes regularly held in the hall.

On departing, HRH was presented with a posy of flowers by three of our local school children.

The coffee shop staff had put on a mouth-watering display of cakes, coffee and tea.

There was no hint of any trouble as security was provided by a team of local ‘heavies’ (for further details contact The Hollies), superb assistance and advice was provided by the local constabulary and The Lord Lieutenant’s Office.  My personal thanks to everyone who attended and made this a GREAT  SUCCESS.

For more details and photos see the Village Hall website and slideshow

Steven Oldfield