Threlkeld Village Hall AGM - at the Village Hall

Thursday, 14 January, 2016 - 19:30

All people from Threlkeld, Threlkeld Quarry, Burns etc are invited to this open meeting.

The meeting will include:

1. Reports on the activities of the Hall Management Committee
2. Report on the village hall finances
3. Election of up to 3 members of the Hall Management Committee
4. A chance for general discussion of anything to do with the Hall

At the end of official business there will be a talk by Patric Gilchrist, Executive Director of the Theatre by the Lake, on his and the Theatre's work.

There will be an opportunity to enjoy drinks and nibbles.

Election of Hall Management members (Trustees):
Up to 3 Trustees are to be elected at this meeting. Nomination forms and further information can be obtained from the Committee Secretary, Steven Oldfield (79950), Nomination forms, correctly completed, must be with the secretary by 12 noon on the 13th January at the latest.  Any resultant elections at the meeting will be carried out in accordance with the rules agreed by the Trust Management Committee.