Parish Council Minutes - September 16

Minutes of the Threlkeld Parish Council Meeting held at Threlkeld Village Hall, on Tuesday 20 September 2016 at 7.30pm


Present:  Cllr Carolyn Cripps chaired the meeting with, Cllr Roger Bragg, Cllr Mick Le’Huray, Cllr Dot Benson, Cllr Madeleine Singleton, Cllr John Pickering, Cllr Les Dalzell, Cllr Tom Wentworth-Waies (CCC) and Cllr Richard Sealby (EDC) attended



Members of Public

1 member of the public


2016 / 108 - Apologies

  • Cllr Guy Duxbury
  • Cllr Donald Angus

2016 / 109 - Minutes

  • The minutes of the Council meeting held on 23 August 2016 was agreed for signing and initialling as a true record (Circulated prior to meeting).

2016 / 110 - Declarations of Interest

  • Cllr Carolyn Cripps – Item 2016 / 116 – Kiln Howe

2016 / 111 - Democratic Half Hour / Public Question Time

  • Jo Alberti attended the meeting to discuss the railway footpath repairs, and the works to be completed at Underknott. 
  • The parish council to send a letter supporting the repair works to the footpath to CCC.
  • The parish council to contact the owner of Underknott regarding the parish council consultation of the proposed works
  • The clerk to chase a meeting with the different agencies involved in flooding

2016 / 112 - Eden District Council & Cumbria County Council Representation 

  • Cllr Richard Sealby discussed:
    • Fly tipping
    • Dog fouling
  • Cllr Tom Wentworth-Waites discussed:
    • Winter / flood resilience
    • Community Emergency Plan – ACT – Hellen Aitken to be invited to the next parish council meeting
    • Road signs were discussed – new information signs required on the A66 for Threlkeld as the current ones are out of date. 

2016 / 113 – Garages at Kiln Howe

  • Garage No. 1 – It was agreed for Mr Wignall to erect a replacement garage at 16’3” x 10’5” – being the nearest size to the current garage. 
  • Garage No. 2 – It was agreed to offer the tenancy to Mr Dobbins
  • The Clerk to contact both Mr Wignall and Mr Dobbins regarding demolition/clearance of site and replacement garages.
  • It was agreed to add Mr Swainbank and Miss Howe on to the list. 
  • The waiting list is now:
    • Mr G McKenzie
    • Mr G Train
    • Mr N Swainbank & Miss A Howe
  • Second Home Owners list
    • Mr S Jennings
    • Mr N Rothwell
  • It was noted that Millerdale Cottage was being marketed with the garages on the particulars, the Clerk to contact the estate agents. 

2016 / 114 – Monies available to the Parish Council

  • Signs – the quote from AST Signs was discussed, and it was agreed to go ahead with the purchase of the signs. 
  • The notice board was discussed, and it was noted that when it was delivered it was not fit for purpose, due to there being no “stop” to prevent the sliding door coming out.  Cllr Pickering spent a significant amount of time creating a “stop” to prevent the door sliding out fully.  The notice board which was taken down was discussed, and it was agreed to remount it on the rear of the bus shelter, for community notices, and for the new notice board to be parish council only.  Cllr Pickering to purchase new backing board for the old notice board. 
  • Bus Shelter – the downspout needs repaired due to being hit on numerous occasions by balls.  It was agreed for a notice to be placed in the Beneath Blencathra requesting no ball games near to roads and on the land adjacent to the bus shelter. 
  • Self-watering Planter – it was agreed to purchase on self-watering planter.
  • To be placed on the next agenda for update and further discussion. 

2016 / 115 – Footway Lighting

  • The potential for a light on Blease Road was discussed, and it was agreed for the Clerk to contact EDC to arrange a meeting regarding this.
  • Light opposite The Sally – The owner of The Sally has offered for the footlight to be connected to his electric supply., for which the parish council are very thankful.  The Clerk to contact EDC regarding this. 

2016 / 116 – Kiln Howe

  • The ongoing discussions regarding the village green / common land at Kiln Howe was discussed, and it was agreed by all for the land to be used as a turning circle only, and not for parking.  The clerk to contact all residents.

2016 / 117 - Finance         

  • 117.1 - The Bank Reconciliation for September 2016 was approved for signing by the Chairman







R Bragg

 £               142.50




ARM Handyworks

 £                 70.00




A McWatt

 £                 15.00




Heart Internet

 £                 15.59






 £         374.98





 £     1,000.00




 £               652.80




ARM Handyworks

 £                 70.00




Threlkeld Village Hall

 £                    7.00




R Kelly Wages

 £               201.90



Cheques issued at the meeting


R Bragg

 £           67.50




 £           120.00



Mr M Le’Huray

 £            25.22


Monies received at the meeting


  Car Parking


   £        297.65




   £           1.00




   £          22.00

  • 117.2 - The completed external audit from BDO was noted. 

2016 / 118 - Highways

  • The Highways Spokesman informed the Parish Council that
    • The gate at Station Road has had a padlock and chain fitted, but has been since taken off its hinges.  Cllr Le’Huray to arrange for the hinge end of the gate to be bolted so this cannot happen in the future.  The Clerk to put in Beneath Blencathra that Station Road is not a thoroughfare. 

2016 / 119 - Planning Applications

  • 119.1 - 7/2015/3154 – Change of use from a disused farm building in to dog boarding kennels – Noise Assessment – no comments. 

2016 / 120 - Correspondence

  • All correspondence circulated prior to the meeting – noted. 

2016 / 121 – Flay Flying Dates

  • None

2016 / 122 - Reps. Reports

  • None

2016 / 123 - Matters to be placed on the next agenda

  • As above

2016 / 124 - Date of the next meeting

  • The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 18 October 2016, at 7.30pm

The meeting was closed at 21.00