Parish Council Minutes - November 16

Minutes of the Threlkeld Parish Council Meeting held at Threlkeld Village Hall, on Tuesday 23 November 2016 at 7.30pm

Present:  Cllr Carolyn Cripps chaired the meeting with, Cllr Guy Duxbury, Cllr Donald Angus, Cllr Roger Bragg, Cllr Dot Benson, Cllr Madeleine Singleton, Cllr Mick Le’Huray, Cllr John Pickering, Cllr Les Dalzell, and Cllr Richard Sealby (EDC) attended

Members of Public

12 members of the public

2016 / 148 – Apologies

  • None

2016 / 149 - Minutes

  • The minutes of the Council meeting held on 18 October 2016 was agreed for signing and initialling as a true record (Circulated prior to meeting).

2016 / 150 - Declarations of Interest

  • Cllr Carolyn Cripps – Item 2016 / 152 – Democratic Half Hour / Public Question Time Kiln Howe & Item 2016 / 155 -  Kiln Howe

2016 / 151 - Exclusion of Press & Public (Public Bodies Admission to Meetings Act 1960)

  • Not applicable to any agenda items. 

2016 / 152- Democratic Half Hour / Public Question Time

  • Jo Alberti attended the meeting to ask for support from TPC regarding the Keswick to Threlkeld Railway Footpath, for the long-term repairs, a full diversionary path, and the downgrading of Brundholme road to a bridleway or footpath.  To be discussed further under item 2016 / 157
  • Volunteers from Youth Club attended the meeting, and advised TPC that there is good attendance at Youth Club now.  The Youth Club has various ideas for the future.  Storage for equipment is a problem at the moment.  Any support or help to the Youth Club would be appreciated.  To be discussed further under Item 2016 / 156
  • Cllr Carolyn Cripps left the Room for this item
  • Mike & Eileen Howe attended the meeting to discuss the decision that TPC had made at the previous meeting regarding the parking at Kiln Howe, providing a copy of a letter from TPC dated 1972.  To be discussed further under Item 2016 / 155

2016 / 153 - Eden District Council & Cumbria County Council Representation 

  • Cllr Richard Sealby discussed:
    • The recent full council meeting
    • Local public transport
  • Cllr Tom Wentworth-Waites did not attend the meeting

2016 / 154 – Community Emergency Plan

  • Hellen Aitken from ACTion Cumbria attended the meeting to advise on Community Emergency Plans, and what is involved in the process, and that there is 3 years funding. 
  • Copies of the handouts are included in the appendices of the minutes. 
  • To be placed on the January agenda for further discussion. 

2016 / 155 Kiln Howe

  • Cllr Carolyn Cripps left the Room for this item
  • The ongoing issue regarding parking and possible obstruction at Kiln Howe was discussed, with correspondence from all parties being noted, and the potential costs if solicitors were involved.
  • Cllr Madeline Singleton proposed that as there have been no problems previously if access is clear for emergency services no further action from TPC is required, this was seconded by Cllr Les Dalzell, and agreed by all. 
  • Salt bin – it was agreed for a salt bin to be purchased and placed by the footpath on Kiln Howe
  • Garden waste being left on Kiln Howe – It was agreed to put on the January agenda.

2016 / 156 – Youth Club

  • Youth Club was discussed, further to the information received under Public Participation – Item 2016 / 152. 
  • TPC agreed to support the Youth Club with storage and community involvement. 
  • The Youth Club to provide the Clerk with quotes for storage, for discussion at the January meeting. 

2016 / 157 – Threlkeld to Keswick Railway Footpath

  • The Threlkeld to Keswick Railway footpath was discussed, further to the information received under Public Participation – Item 2016 / 152. 
  • It was agreed by all for the Clerk to contact CCC, LDNPA, Rory Stewart, CAPITA, Threlkeld Village Hall supporting the long-term repairs, a full diversionary path, and the downgrading of Brundholme road to a bridleway or footpath, that there is a great urgency to reconsider the status of the road, and that suitable diversionary routes need to be in place for the full footpath route. 

2016 / 158 – Flooding

  • It was agreed for the Clerk to arrange a flood forum with CCC.
  • The Clerk was asked to chase Iwan again regarding the cleaning of both of the catchpits at Kiln Howe and regarding the removal of the heap of gravel. 
  • The Clerk to contact EDC to see if that can supply sand bags, as we already have sand
  • Advise residents in Beneath Blencathra of the provision of the sand bag stores. 

2016 / 159 – Picnic Tables on Dickney

  • Cllr Donald Angus informed TPC that the picnic tables on Dickney were now on hard standings, and had been levelled up.
  • The picnic table at Kiln Howe to be put on hard standing and levelled once the heap of gravel is removed. 

2016 / 160 – Trees – Mellbutts and Blease Gill

  • The Clerk to contact Home Housing again regarding the removal of the trees at Mellbutts, as they are an obstruction for drivers
  • There is a tree blown down at Blease Gill and it is blocking the river.  The Clerk to contact Iwan to see if he can assist. 

2016 / 161 – Fence at Jubilee Croft

  • The request from Threlkeld School to erect a small fence between the car park and the hard play area was discussed, and it was agreed that it would be acceptable as long as the fence is sympathetic to the area, and has access for the grass cutters, maintenance etc. 

2016 / 162 – Monies available to the Parish Council

  • War Memorial – It was agreed for the Clerk to obtain quotes for the re-laying of the flags at the War Memorial. 
  • To be placed on the next agenda for update and further discussion. 

2016 / 163 – Draft Budget 

  • The draft budget was discussed and agreed. 
  • It was agreed to leave the precept at £9000.

2016 / 164 - Finance         

  • 164.1 - The Bank Reconciliation for November 2016 was approved for signing by the Chairman







ARM Handyworks

 £                 70.00




AST Signs

 £               192.35




R Bragg

 £                 67.50






 £         318.06



Heart Internet

 £                 15.59




The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

 £                 35.00




R Kelly Expenses

 £                 86.08




Threlkeld Village Hall

 £                 14.00





 £                 55.50




R Kelly Wages

 £               201.90



Cheques issued at the meeting


D Angus

 £                 90.58



J Pickering

 £                 43.77


Monies received at the meeting


  Car Parking


   £        254.83




   £          25.00




   £          20.00

  • The budget to date was noted

2016 / 165 - Highways

  • The Highways Spokesman gave the following update:
    • Gullies cleaned out
    • Overhanging trees chopped down
    • Bungalows at Town Cross – path in urgent need of repair – Clerk to chase
    • Beck at the back of Town Cross – works completed
    • Parking at Town Cross very dangerous
    • Station Road gate – back on hinges, again. 

2016 / 166 - Planning Applications

  • 7/2016/3154 – The Hoggest, Threlkeld – Alterations and extensions to dwelling – large glass windows/front out of character, otherwise support. 

2016 / 167 - Correspondence

  • All correspondence circulated prior to the meeting – noted. 

2016 / 168 – Flag Flying Dates

  • None

2016 / 169 - Reps. Reports

  • Cllr Dot Benson – Village Hall

2016 / 170 - Matters to be placed on the next agenda

  • As above
  • War Memorial

2016 / 171 - Date of the next meeting

  • The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 24th January 2017, at 7.30pm


The meeting was closed at 21.50


2016 / 154 – Community Emergency Plan


(Name of Your Community)

Community Emergency Plan



Definition of an emergency:

An emergency / major incident is any event or circumstance (happening with or without warning) that causes or threatens death or injury, disruption to the community, or damage to property or to the environment on such a scale that the effect cannot be dealt with by the emergency services, local authorities and other organisations as part of their normal day-to day activities.


Aim of the Community Emergency Plan:

To increase resilience within the local community before, during and after emergencies, and to link into the county and district councils’, and emergency services’ emergency response structures. This Plan documents how (insert name of your community) would respond in an emergency situation e.g. while awaiting the assistance of statutory authorities / emergency services, or in support of them.

It is not the role of the community to take on the responsibilities of these agencies e.g. to save life, to take any risks to themselves or to cope for long hours without agencies’ help and support.



  • Identify the risks to the community and relevant response actions
  • Identify vulnerable people / groups in the community
  • Identify resources in the community available to assist during an emergency 
  • Provide contact details for the Community Response Group(CRG), key community resources, the Emergency Services, and County and District Councils.



Insert 3 names and contact details here. Mark with * the person who will coordinate, and be the point of contact with local authorities / emergency services. Copies of this Emergency Plan are restricted, and will be held by the CRG members. The Plan will also be accessible to local authorities and emergency services via the Cumbria Community Messaging System (CCMS).




Postal address















Risk assessment of the types of emergencies that would have an impact on our community and how local emergency planning could help. (Example given below, insert examples for your community)

Type of emergency

Potential risks

Actions to address those risks

Mains electricity power failure during cold weather conditions.

Residents with no access to power for a prolonged period of time. Most vulnerable are those with only electric power, heat, and cooking facilities. Also older residents, the sick, and very young are most at risk in cold conditions.

Identify residents most at risk.

Activate ‘telephone tree’ to check on residents.

Open up Place of Safety (Village Hall) for hot refreshments and information point.

Coordinate hot refreshments delivery to housebound residents.


Type of emergency

Potential risks

Actions to address those risks


















This plan will be activated when an emergency has occurred or if warnings are received, prior to an anticipated event. It will also be activated when emergency services need support or are not able to attend immediately e.g. in severe weather.


If this is the case, the CRG will assess the situation, ring Emergency Services if necessary, and consult with the District Council (see contact below). The CRG will then put all or part of the Plan into effect as appropriate.



Volunteers have indicated what tasks they may be prepared to carry out if an emergency occurs and what resources they can offer.  (Add names etc in the table below, to be contacted by CRG as needed.)




Offer of help / resources


























The information in this list is restricted to the Community Response Group. It is not for general distribution. Unrestricted copies of the Plan may be made available by deleting this contact list before distribution.


An electronic copy of the unrestricted emergency plan will also be made accessible to local authorities and emergency services via the secure Cumbria Community Messaging System (CCMS) - contact ACTion with Communities in Cumbria for details of how to do this.


Place of Safety:

District councils are responsible for setting up a central rest centre during an emergency. However, it may be necessary to set up a temporary place of safety within the community e.g. for visitors or for people evacuated from their homes. In our community, the place of safety will be (insert place).  The CRG will contact the keyholder and other volunteers as necessary.


During an emergency, volunteers will keep a record of actions taken. These will be entered in to a central log, kept by the CRG, so that they can be evaluated, and the plan altered if necessary. Information can be entered at the time, or directly after the emergency.



Contact details for statutory authorities, emergency services can be found below.




Website / Email:

Emergency Services



District Council: (insert name)




Out of hours (if different)



Cumbria County Council: (in case of concern for vulnerable adults or children)


01228 606060

Out of hours (if different)



Highways Hotline:

0845 609 6609



Environment Agency:

General Enquiries

03708 506 506

Floodline (24 hr)

0345 988 1188

United Utilities: (24 hr - water)

0345 672 3723

Electricity North West:

0800 195 4141

National Gas Emergency Service: (24hr - gas leak / emergency)

0800 111 999

Parish Meeting Clerk/Chair: (insert name)




Out of hours (if different)



Local Place of Safety key holder: (insert name – with person’s permission)




Out of hours (if different)





In order to keep this plan up to date, contact lists will be revised as needed, and the plan reviewed (*how often and when), by (* name of group).




Produced by ACTion with Communities in Cumbria, based on guidance from Gloucestershire Rural Community Cou

For more information please contact ACTion with Communities in Cumbria on Tel: 01768 840827 or visit our website:


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