Parish Council Minutes - January 17

Minutes of the Threlkeld Parish Council Meeting held at Threlkeld Village Hall, on Tuesday 24 January 2017 at 7.30pm
Present:  Cllr Carolyn Cripps chaired the meeting with, Cllr Donald Angus, Cllr Dot Benson, Cllr Madeleine Singleton, Cllr Mick Le’Huray, Cllr John Pickering, Cllr Les Dalzell, and Cllr Richard Sealby (EDC) attended
Members of Public
3 members of the public

2016 / 172 – Apologies
Cllr Guy Duxbury, Cllr Roger Bragg
2016 / 173 - Minutes

  • The minutes of the Council meeting held on 23 November 2016 was agreed for signing and initialling as a true record (Circulated prior to meeting).

2016 / 174 - Declarations of Interest

  • None

2016 / 175 - Exclusion of Press & Public (Public Bodies Admission to Meetings Act 1960)

  • Not applicable to any agenda items.  

2016 / 176- Democratic Half Hour / Public Question Time

  • Jackie Knights (Chairman) and Chris Little (Local sites), of Cumbria Soaring Club attended the meeting to discuss the incident which involved a paraglider colliding with an electricity pole which caused power outages within the village.  The paraglider was not a member of the Cumbria Soaring Club, he was a visitor to the area.  Jackie to put an article in the Beneath Blencathra.   

2016 / 177 - Eden District Council & Cumbria County Council Representation  

  • Cllr Richard Sealby discussed:
    • Garden Waste
    • Footway lighting
    • LDNPA Partnership
  • Cllr Tom Wentworth-Waites did not attend the meeting

2016 / 178 – Community Emergency Plan

  • It was agreed that the parish already has an informal plan in place.  

2016 / 179 – Garden waste being disposed of on Kiln Howe

  • The garden waste has been cleared up
  • The salt bin has been placed there

2016 / 180 – Youth Club

  • Further to the previous meeting, Youth club was discussed, a price has been submitted, the Parish Council had concerns that the shed proposed has windows in, which could be a security issue, and was the shed sutable for storage (i.e. dry, rodent proof etc.) The Clerk to contact to discuss
  • Until confirmation of a site is confirmed it was agreed to wait before donating the monies to purchase a shed.   
  • The clerk to contact youth club regarding community involvement.

2016 / 181 – Threlkeld to Keswick Railway Footpath

  • The Threlkeld to Keswick Railway footpath was discussed and the recent meeting, which included potential replacement routes.   

2016 / 182 – War Memorial

  • It was agreed for the Clerk to arrange for an advert to be placed in The Keswick Reminder and Beneath Blencathra for tenders for the flags to be lifted, concrete laid and the flags re-laid and pointed.

2016 / 183 – Event in Threlkeld 04/12/2016

  • The complaints regarding the event at the Village Hall on 4th December 2016 were discussed, and it was agreed for the clerk to contact the Village Hall regarding the parking issues, and request that the PC are liaised with regarding large events.  

2016 / 184 – Footway Lighting

  • The update form EDC was noted.  The Clerk to contact EDC for updates on other lights within the parish, and other solutions.   

2016 / 185 – Garages

  • The garage which has been rented by the previous owners of Millerdale was discussed, and it was noted that the use of the garage is on the Title Deeds of Ownership of Millerdale.  The Clerk to contact the new owners regarding the rent.   

2016 / 186 – Notice Boards

  • The notice boards within the village were discussed, and it was agreed to ask the village Hall that the notice boards are used, rather than telegraph poles.   
  • The backing is coming off the new notice board.   

2016 / 187 – Annual Parish Meeting

  • The Annual Parish Meeting was discussed, and it was agreed to hold it at 8pm on 23 May 2017, after the Parish Council meeting.   

2016 / 188 – Dog Fouling

  • There has been an increase in dog fouling.
  • More adverts to go in Beneath Blencathra
  • The Clerk to request a bin at the end of the road with the Sewerage works.   

2016 / 189 – Retirement of the Vicar

  • It was agreed to send the vicar a retirement card

2016 / 190 – Derwent 7

  • The position of the Chair of Derwent 7 Community Led Planning Group rotating among the seven parishes on a biennial timescale was discussed, and it was agreed that as there is little which is appropriate to TPC it is not something which would be supported.  TPC will attend meetings when there is an appropriate agenda item.   

2016 / 191 – Monies available to the Parish Council

  • As previously discussed
  • To be placed on the next agenda for update and further discussion.   

2016 / 192 - Finance  

  • 192.1 - The Bank Reconciliation for December 2016 & January 2017 was approved for signing by the Chairman
 Date Description Expenditure Income
22-11-16 D Angus  £90.48  
22-11-16 J Pickering £43.77  
07-12-16 D G Benson £66.00  
07-12-16 Broxap £132.00  
28-12-16 R Kelly Wages £201.90  
28-11-16 Heart Internet £15.59  
31-12-16 Heart Internet £15.59   
24-01-17 Threlkeld Village Hall £14.00   
24-01-17 Mckanes  £68.30  
28-01-17 R Kelly Wages £201.90  
23-11-16 Deposit    £299.83
12-01-17 BACs - Pauls Trees   £40.00
16-01-17 BACs - KCS   £40.00

2016 / 193 - Highways

  • The Highways Spokesman gave the following update:
  • Parking at Town Cross – CCC require a letter from TPC supporting the plans, which include moving the gate, creating more parking spaces, repairing the path by the bungalows
  • Road along sewerage works – puddle in the road due to the road being lower than the beck.  Plans to either raise the footpath or raise the road.
  • Steps at Sunnybank – to be repaired by CCC
  • The clerk to chase regarding the tree blown down at Blease Gill.
  • Signs – West end regarding No Parking – Clerk to chase TWW
  • Extending the parking area at the west end of the village – Clerk to chase TWW
  • A66 replacement signage – Clerk to chase
  • Road sweeping – Clerk to contact EDC

2016 / 194 - Planning Applications

  • 7/2016/3186 Forming an opening in internal wall     

The Riddings, Threlkeld, Keswick, CA12 4TB   
No objections

  • 7/2016/3177 Agricultural building being changed to a workshop area     

Threlkeld Hall, Threlkeld, Keswick, CA12 4SX    
No objections

  • 7/2016/3168 Conversion of existing barn buildings to form 2 no residential units for use as holiday lets     

Wesco Farm, Threlkeld, Keswick, CA12 4TB
Concerns over highways/access due to road, properties should be for local needs not as holiday lets

  •  7/2016/3167 Conversion of existing barn buildings to form 2 no residential units for use as holiday lets    

Wesco Farm, Threlkeld, Keswick, CA12 4TB
Concerns over highways/access due to road, properties should be for local needs not as holiday lets
2016 / 195 - Correspondence

  • All correspondence circulated prior to the meeting – noted.   

2016 / 196 – Flag Flying Dates

  • Friday 27th January – Holocaust Day

2016 / 197 - Reps. Reports

  • None

2016 / 198 - Matters to be placed on the next agenda

  • As above  

2016 / 199 - Date of the next meeting

  • The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 21st February 2017, at 7.30pm
  • The meeting was closed at 21.25