Life of a Mountain Blencathra - The Exhibition

Saturday, 27 May, 2017 -
14:00 to 16:00

Free entry on 27th and 28th May

Life of a Mountain

Life of a Mountain: BLENCATHRA – Keswick Museum’s Exhibition (20th May 2017 – 4 January 2018)

Hopefully most of you will get down to the museum to see the fruits of our labour, and what a lot of work it has been!  Sue Mackay, Curator at Keswick Museum and myself have had a very busy 4-5 months getting all the exhibition information together and furiously writing panels, selecting photographs and collecting objects.  The challenge became what to leave out and it has been incredibly hard to summarise the facts and stories we have collected.  I hope that people are happy with what we have produced, and not too disappointed about some of the aspects we had to draw a line under.  We’ve been so privileged to have the expertise and experiences of several local volunteers from Threlkeld and Mungrisdale, including Donald Angus, Colin and Lesley Smith, Stuart Cresswell, Willie and Denise Tyson, Kenny and Pauline Stuart, Barry Todhunter, John and Kathleen Pickering, Tim and Sue Foster, Stan and Marjorie Mattinson, Barbara Wilson, Helen Curties and many more wonderful people.  Our museum volunteers have also been incredibly helpful too, and we mustn’t forget all those other fantastic contributors who have told us a tale or two along the way.

If and when you do visit the exhibition, please leave us your comments and hopefully you will see that we have done our best to make you proud of your communities! You may even learn a thing or two you didn’t know about where you live as you make your way around…

  • A HUGE mountain
  • A digitally projected timeline of Threlkeld and Mungrisdale events
  • Terry Abraham’s film footage and behind the scenes explanations
  • History of The Sanatorium
  • A section on farming, including contributions from Threlkeld School
  • Information about the land around Blencathra
  • Blencathra Foxhounds
  • Mining in the area
  • Why we love Blencathra and how people have been influenced and inspired by it
  • Two former British Champion Fell runners who just happen to live in Threlkeld
  • And much more….which you will have to come and see!

Thank you so much for all your contributions, however large or small

Jenn Mattinson

Community Exhibition and Volunteers Coordinator (on behalf of Keswick Museum)