Parish Council Minutes - October 17

Minutes of the Threlkeld Parish Council Meeting held at Threlkeld Village Hall, on Tuesday 24 October 2017 at 7.30pm

Present:  Cllr Carolyn Cripps chaired the meeting with Cllr Donald Angus, Cllr Roger Bragg Mick Le’Huray, Cllr Dot Benson, Cllr John Pickering, Cllr Les Dalzell, and Cllr Richard Sealby (EDC) attended.

Members of Public

1 Member of the public

2017 / 132 – Apologies

  • Cllr David Arkley & Cllr Madeleine Singleton

2017 / 133 - Minutes

  • The minutes of the Council meeting held on 19 September 2017 was agreed for signing and initialling as a true record (Circulated prior to meeting).

2017 / 134 - Declarations of Interest

  • None

2017 / 135 - Exclusion of Press & Public (Public Bodies Admission to Meetings Act 1960)

  • Not applicable to any agenda items. 

2017 / 136 - Democratic Half Hour / Public Question Time

  • Mr Singleton attended the meeting to advise the parish council about the issue of holiday cottage white bin bags being left out on the wrong days, stored for weeks, problems with rats due to the storage of the refuse, and the mess made when animals get in to the rubbish.  The Clerk to contact Cumbrian Cottages and EDC to advise of the problem, and request that the bags are put out on the correct days. 

2017 / 137 - Eden District Council & Cumbria County Council Representation 

  • Cllr Richard Sealby informed the parish council that at the recent EDC council meeting the 100% retention of business rates pilot scheme was discussed.  At the housing and scrutiny meeting the updating of their plan was discussed, and the Castle Park regeneration scheme. 

2017 / 138 – EDC Devolution and Transfer of Assets

  • The questions submitted to EDC following the meeting with CALC had been answered by EDC, and subsequent questions were asked, including:  Footway lighting – request that is TPC take these over all lights will be LED and on hinged poles.  Jobby Play Area – request that all equipment will be up to a high standard or replaced, and that the fence will be repaired or replaced.  The toilets – staffing questions to be asked, and how often they are cleaned, and to what level.
  • The results of the parish poll were discussed.
  • To be discussed further at the November meeting.

2017 / 139 – Village Notice Board

  • The proposed village notice board was discussed, along with the proposed location.  It was agreed for Cllr Donald Angus to create a design to present to the November meeting.

2017 / 140 – Village Map of house names

  • Cllr Dot Benson had bene approached by a parishioner regarding a map of the village, including house names.  TPC think that the map is a good idea, and support the parishioner. 


2017 / 141 – New Lay Minister and Headteacher

  • Threlkeld Parish Council welcome Dr Suzie Wood, as Lay Minister and Nick Turley, the new headteacher at Threlkeld School.  The Clerk to write to both inviting them to come to a future parish council meeting, and to wish them well. 

2017 / 142 – Benches at Dickey

  • The bench has been removed from Dickney and a replacement will be arranged in the near future. 

2017 / 143 – Trees

  • The Clerk to contact CCC highways about the trees which are growing in the verges within the village and require removing. 

2017 /144 – Cenotaph / Memorial Sunday

  • The Clerk to contact Dr Suzie Wood to see if she will be able to conduct the service
  • Youth Club have approached Cllr Dot Benson about being involved.  TPC agreed that they are more than welcome to lay a wreath, read the list of names out etc.  The Clerk to contact Youth Club
  • The Clerk to invite Phil Morland and John Hume.

2017 / 145 – Cumbria in Bloom

  • TPC congratulated the Cumbria in Bloom team for getting the Gold award.
  • TPC also congratulated Cllr Les Dalzell and Cllr John Pickering on their Outstanding Contribution award.

2017 – 146 – Parking in Threlkeld during events

  •   The Clerk advised that the Village Hall would be holding a meeting with the organisers of the event which was held in early October, to try and reach a solution with regards to parking. 
    • TPC agree that the way forwards is for events to be marshalled properly and to put pressure on the organisers to ensure that the parking is marshalled. 

2017 / 147 – Chairmans Carol Service – 11 December 2017

  • Noted. 

2017 / 148 - Finance         

  • 148.1 - The budget was discussed, and it was agreed for parish councillors to consider for the November 2017 meeting. 
  • 148.2 – It was agreed that there was no budgeted monies for a donation to GNAAS
  • 148.3- The Bank Reconciliation for October 2017 was approved for signing by the Chairman






R Bragg

 £               105.00



D Allaker

 £                 13.21





 £         348.64


Heart internet

 £                 15.59





 £           22.00




 £           51.24


ARM Handyworks

 £               140.00



R Kelly Expenses

 £                    2.72




 £           1,096.80



R Kelly Wages

 £               204.10


Cheques agreed and wrote at the meeting


R Bragg

 £               45.00


Monies received at the meeting


Car Parking


£             281.20


2017 / 149 - Highways

  • The highway spokesman:
    • Trees on the A66 – have been cut back, but not the problem tree, Cllr Mick Le’Huray to contact Highways England
    • Flood water passed the Sewerage Works – this has been allocated as a required job by CC Highways

Fence at Town Cross – still requires repair – Clerk to contact EHA

  • The flood bins were discussed and it was agreed for the clerk to purchase some plastic sand bacs and for Cllr Donald Angus to arrange for them to be filled with sand and placed in the new stores

2017 / 150- Planning Applications  

  • 7/2017/3120 – The Hoggest, Threlkeld, Keswick – Proposed roof infill between permitted development single storey extension and existing roof line – No objections

2017 / 151 - Correspondence

  • All correspondence circulated prior to the meeting was noted. 

2017 / 152 – Flag Flying Dates

  • 11 & 12 November – Armistice Day & Remembrance Sunday
  • 20 November – Queen and Prince Philip’s 70th Wedding Anniversary

2017 / 153 - Reps. Reports

  • None

2017 / 154 - Matters to be placed on the next agenda

  • As above

2017 / 131 - Date of the next meeting

  • The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 21st November 2017, at 7.30pm.

The meeting was closed at 21.35