General news

Tuesday, 1 November, 2016 -
18:30 to 20:00

Drop in Event about the plans for repair.
Threlkeld Village Hall on 1st November 6:30 - 8:00 pm
Presentation at 7pm

Les, John, Sheila and Madeleine attended the Gateway Hotel, Penrith for Cumbria in Bloom Prizegiving.  We came away with a Silver Certificate and a self-watering planter which was won by Sheila.

We would like to thank all who donated, planted, watered and cleaned up around their premises.

Special comments were made regarding the hanging baskets and gardens on entry to the car park of the Horse and Farrier Inn.

Would like to thank all who donated and supported our Bingo and Coffee Evening. We raised £354 which will be used to help pay for our Christmas Lunch in December.

Threlkeld Judging Day is Monday 4th July.

Please try to make our village presentable.

Sunday, 12 June, 2016 -
15:30 to 16:00

Threlkeld Senior Citizens are holding a Birthday Tea to celebrate Her Majesty The Queen's Birthday in the Public Room.  If you or your partner are 65 or over, have not received an invitation and would like to attend, please contact Sylvia 79729 or Madeleine 79683 by 3rd June.

An update from the Lake District National Park on the Keswick to Threlkeld Railway Path

Threlkeld Parish Council are looking at updating the Parish Plan (Community Led Plan) and are looking to see if it is possible to get a representative from each of the active groups within Threlkeld, and any individuals who would like to be involved in creating a steering group to take part in revising and updating the Parish Plan (Community Led Plan).  The plan is not a plan of the Parish Council, but of the whole community, so it would be beneficial to get input and support from all aspects of the village and the groups within it.  If you are interested in being involved please contact Ra

The Keswick to Threlkeld Railway Path is impassable following the floods, but the Village Hall and Coffee Shop are both open.

For details of detours whilst the Railway Path is closed click here (opens in new window).

See other flood damage :

Thursday, 14 January, 2016 - 19:30

All people from Threlkeld, Threlkeld Quarry, Burns etc are invited to this open meeting.

The meeting will include:

1. Reports on the activities of the Hall Management Committee
2. Report on the village hall finances
3. Election of up to 3 members of the Hall Management Committee
4. A chance for general discussion of anything to do with the Hall

At the end of official business there will be a talk by Patric Gilchrist, Executive Director of the Theatre by the Lake, on his and the Theatre's work.

We are very proud to announce GREAT NEWS!  Our first ever GOLD MEDAL AWARD and a LEVEL 5 OUTSTANDING CERTIFICATE for Kilnhow.

We would like to thank all the villagers for their efforts.  The judges were impressed how clean and tidy our Village was.