General news

The Towngate Estate is Threlkeld’s oldest charity.  It was formed in 1744 by four separate funds coming together to buy the farm from Susannah Irton (then soon to be Mrs Spedding).  Now it has four fields let to local farmers and money in a charitable unit trust.

Anyone out there who may be interested in joining the village bowls club please note that, for the foreseeable future, the bowls club will meet on Monday afternoons, 2pm - 4pm, as opposed to Tuesday evenings 7pm - 9pm. 

Frost sparkling in the air
Rainbows arch a Holy door
Diamonds lighting up our pathway
Moonlight garlands bind tree branches
Glimmering baubles shadow embers
Tinsel dewdrops stream in
Starglow Frostfire
Frostfire Starglow
Halos of celestial radiance
Where He lies......
(c) 1998

Yellow Dam crosses Gategill beck above Threlkeld village, close to the hunting kennels. It is privately owned and was created to provide a water supply and power for mining activities in the 1880's. It consists of a wall and a culvert (underground watercourse) with mining spoil placed on top to create a dam across the beck.

A carers group offering skill-based support to those families and/or carers of someone suffering with an Eating disorder (Anorexia & Bulimia) meets every 2 weeks on a Tuesday evening between 6-8pm

As noted in last month’s Beneath Blencathra, Eden District Council is providing a Garden Waste Skip for the village.  The parish council is responsible for it as well as being liable for any costs associated with the disposal of the WHOLE skip if there is any contaminated waste (e.g. anything that isn’t garden waste). 

Eden District Council are providing Threlkeld with a Garden Waste Skip, the Parish Council are responsible for it, and any costs associated with disposing of "contaminated waste", etc.

Electricity North West Ltd has, on safety grounds, introduced a policy whereby all third party equipment attached to their poles such as footway lighting, be progressively removed.  In Threlkeld the footway lighting is provided and maintained by Eden District Council and this decision has prompted EDC to review its policy with regard to footway lighting. EDC is now consulting with Parish Councils about the new policy it has adopted.