General news

As noted in last month’s Beneath Blencathra, Eden District Council is providing a Garden Waste Skip for the village.  The parish council is responsible for it as well as being liable for any costs associated with the disposal of the WHOLE skip if there is any contaminated waste (e.g. anything that isn’t garden waste). 

Eden District Council are providing Threlkeld with a Garden Waste Skip, the Parish Council are responsible for it, and any costs associated with disposing of "contaminated waste", etc.

Electricity North West Ltd has, on safety grounds, introduced a policy whereby all third party equipment attached to their poles such as footway lighting, be progressively removed.  In Threlkeld the footway lighting is provided and maintained by Eden District Council and this decision has prompted EDC to review its policy with regard to footway lighting. EDC is now consulting with Parish Councils about the new policy it has adopted.

Interested in helping out to make our village a better place?

Although we have some people who do good work for our village, I believe we need more help so we can expand the range of duties we can tackle.  This would be a ‘hands on’ group & not controlled by the Parish Council.


In the run up to Christmas Trading Standards have been made aware of a chain e-mail currently being circulated on the Internet concerning an alleged postal scam.  The e-mail advises of a scam whereby a card is posted through your letter box from a company called PDS (Parcel Delivery Service).  They claim that they were unable to deliver a parcel and that you should now contact them on 0906 661 1911 to secure delivery.

All of you will be aware of Keswick Theatre, most of you will know that volunteers (known as 'front of house' volunteers) help to keep the Theatre running, perhaps less of you will be aware that Threlkeld village (and surrounding area) have a group of such volunteers who work off their own independent rota and supple three volunteers to the theatre every Saturday evening. 

We have been knitting and nattering in Threlkeld School Hall throughout the year. It has proved a good opportunity to make new friends and to meet up with old ones. Some of us knit or crochet, some of us sew and some of us just natter!

Superfast Broadband project manager Alan Cook from Cumbria County  Council is organising a Mori telephone poll for residents linked to the Threlkeld telephone exchange.

Threlkeld and surrounding area residents will be contacted over the next few days.

Alan’s article is shown in this week’s Keswick Reminder explaining why it is a current ‘one time offer’ for our villages to show a level of commitment in wanting to ready ourselves with superfast broadband.

Eden District Council is introducing improvements to its kerbside recycling schemes this Summer and all parishes in Eden are set to benefit.

As of Monday 2 July 2012 the Greenbox kerbside recycling scheme provided by Eden District Council will include all households in Eden, to allow everyone to recycle cans, glass jars and bottles, paper and card and a welcome addition of plastic bottles and containers from their homes.  The new scheme will replace the existing kerbside green box and kerbside paper and card schemes currently operating until the end of June.