Keswick Theatre Volunteers – Threlkeld Group

All of you will be aware of Keswick Theatre, most of you will know that volunteers (known as 'front of house' volunteers) help to keep the Theatre running, perhaps less of you will be aware that Threlkeld village (and surrounding area) have a group of such volunteers who work off their own independent rota and supple three volunteers to the theatre every Saturday evening. 

For the past several years this group has had 12 volunteers which works out very conveniently at one duty per person every four weeks.  However we, the group, are about to lose a member, which puts us one below the ideal number.  We will continue to function and provide three volunteers per week but this is an opportunity to anyone reading this article to get involved.  Simple training and shadowing of experienced volunteers is arranged. 

If you feel the desire to get involved with a very successful organisation (the Theatre), meet plenty of like-minded people and expand your experience and knowledge of what's going on around you, feel privileged to have perhaps moved into the area and want to put something back, not to mention qualify for complimentary tickets for numerous performances at the Theatre, give me a ring.  If you are not sure, give me a ring.  If you try it and don't like it there's nothing lost, just give me a ring.

Steven Oldfield, Secretary (79950)