The Towngate Estate

The Towngate Estate is Threlkeld’s oldest charity.  It was formed in 1744 by four separate funds coming together to buy the farm from Susannah Irton (then soon to be Mrs Spedding).  Now it has four fields let to local farmers and money in a charitable unit trust.

Though originally the income was split in proportion to the share of the purchase price, since 1997 it has been distributed one third each to the School and the Church, with the remaining third given to various projects for the Deserving and Needy.

The Trustees meet each March to approve the accounts and to decide to whom the Deserving and Needy portion be given.  Normally it is split between four or five organisations doing good for the people of Threlkeld.  This has extended to Friends of Mary Hewetson Hospital and Pride of Cumbria Air Ambulance, but normally includes groups such as, for example, the Senior Citizens’ Committee, the First Responders and the Parents & Toddlers group.  The Trust can also help individuals in need.

If you know of groups or individuals who should be considered, please tell the Secretary (Stuart Cresswell at Vale View or 79262 or